To Be Goddess:

Every Woman Is A Goddess Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme


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Several benefits from having a copy of To Be Goddess includes:Capture368


  • Creating your Goddess profile
  • Understanding what it means to be a Goddess
  • Owning your power by claiming at what you are great

  • Having access to loads of meditations, rituals, & blessings
  • Self Transformation
  • Working with 13 amazing goddesses
  • Understanding your menstrual cycles, the moon, and the number 13
  • Joining private FB group for the readers of To Be Goddess
  • Learning about Tia’s spiritual background
  •  Life changes and become magical

Unlock and embrace your divine feminine powers by going on a journey of  self-discovery and spiritual growth!


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This book is for you if your goals consist of:


  • Gaining a better understanding of your life and its purpose
  • Tapping into and using your divine feminine powers
  • Understanding how moon cycles, flowers, and crystals affect you
  • Discovering your domain in which you reign supreme
  • Discovering your inner goddess
  • Grasping a better understanding of the seemingly mundane world
  • Working with 13 wonderful goddesses from various cultures
  • Getting to know Tia better, understand why she created her business, and how she wrote the book (shhhh it’s in the intro!)
  • Understanding how helping other women can help you
  • Unlocking and embrace the true you
  • Living the life you’re meant to live
  • Understanding what this goddess stuff means anyway!


Book Description:

“To Be Goddess” is a book inspired by the life experiences of an amazing woman, healer, intuitive and goddess; author Tia Johnson. During an incredible lucid, clairvoyant dream, Tia received a visitation from her grandmother in which she was informed that Spirit has a message for her.

That experience lead Tia to her true life purpose and began a journey of connecting with spirit and goddess energy, learning how to use it in her own life, and fostering the desire to teach and heal others with her gifts. Her purpose for writing “To Be Goddess” is to introduce the readers to the universal divine goddess energy that is within all of us and teach how to use it for our own highest good by applying that goddess energy throughout our lives. As a result, the readers will be able to discover great inner strengths, such as discovering the domain in which they reign supreme and learning about the cycles of the triple moon goddess.

Within the pages of “To Be Goddess”, Tia outlines detailed information about multitudes of goddesses in an easy to understand format. The reader will gain a keen understanding not only about each of the goddesses described in the book, but also how to connect with each goddess and allow their energy help guide them in their lives. “To Be Goddess” includes many meditations and step by step instructions about healing with goddess energy to promote strength, confidence, peace, and love in your life. Tia lights the way for readers out of darkness with the help of loving divine goddess energy.

Heart Warming Reviews:

This book covers such topics as understanding what it means to be a Goddess, owning your power by claiming at what you are great, self transformation and gaining access to meditations, rituals, and blessings.


Slightly larger than your average self help book, “To Be Goddess” is reminiscent of those activity books you may have begged for as a child but then it is exactly as such. Although it’s an easy read, it is packed with wonderful information and exercised that resonated with me long after consuming the material.

-Coye LeRocke, Pop Culture and Lifestyle blogger

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I recently just finished To Be Goddess: Every Woman Is A Goddess by Tia Johnson and loved it. I strongly believe that we all have both a divine female (Goddess) or divine male (God) energy within us. Johnson’s book is a simple guide to tapping into the Goddess within us all. Johnson guides you in how to tap into this powerful energy through meditations, prayers and simple exercises to connect with the Goddesses from different religions and pantheons. I really enjoyed some of the meditations and rituals that one can do to connect to Goddesses like Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, and Freyja. Read more via the blog post here.

-Christopher Roberts

There are lots of activities to try.  I really enjoyed meditating on my origins, and then thinking about what my symbol is (what flowers, animals, colours do I like?) and what is my domain (I settled on the domain of charity).  There’s lots of self exploration to be done.  I would recommend having a notebook and pen next to you as you read.

I consider myself a spiritual newbie and there were some parts of the book which were new to me.  I don’t know much about goddesses like Isis, but I loved hearing about Cerridwen, the Welsh goddess of transformation!  As a Welsh girl myself I naturally felt drawn to her!  I am really interested in the moon at the moment and so I loved reading about the moon phases and how we can work with the moon’s energy. Read more via the blog post here.

Tia Johnson’s “To Be Goddess” is a guide to accessing the goddess within. Like a supportive big sister, Tia leads the way, helping her readers to connect with the material through her own personal story, and walking her readers in sure, clear steps towards assuming the mantles of their own inner feminine power. Tia expertly mixes ancient traditions and prayers with contemporary ‘can do’ advice and examples, with a sure knack for translating the esoteric into practical, everyday actions that bring us closer to our higher natures and encourage us to embrace and express the goddess energy within.

-Reba Linker

I truly enjoyed this book. It written in a down to earth fashion that anyone can understand. Filled with information and exercises that are easy to use and in my experience very empowering. I love how Tia combined different spiritual aspects such as crystals and flowers with the different Goddesses to help me work with the goddess within.